Was Blogmas Worth It? + December 2022 Favorites

Hi everyone, welcome to Nox Reads, I’m Nox, and today’s post is talking about how Blogmas 2022 went!

Was Blogmas Worth It? + December Favorites

At the beginning of the month, I wrote a post talking about how I would be participating in Blogmas this year! The plan was to post on my blog every day of December, with the exception of eight days where I’d be posting videos on my channel.

That did not happen.

GIF of Rory Gilmore with the text "But I tried so hard." and "Oh, I know."

I got four posts up on my blog (not including this one) and started filming videos for my channel!

Here’s the thing. I join these challenges (Blogmas, VEDA, etc.) knowing fully well that I’m setting myself up for unreasonable goals. But I like the chance to participate in them, and it gives me something to push myself towards. Blogmas realistically gave me seven more posts than I would usually make, and they’re seven posts that I’m proud of.

I use Blogmas and similar challenges as ways to get me out of a content slump and as motivation to push myself to just write something that I’ve been wanting to. And even with the ideas that I didn’t post, I was able to draft a couple of posts for 2023!

So while Blogmas wasn’t a success in a traditional sense, it was still a success for me. It reignited my love for blogging and gave me the inspiration I needed to film!

With that said though, let’s get into my favorite things that creators did post in 2023!

Favorite Books! The links are an affiliate link - if you buy the book using them, I get a commission!
Favorite Blog Posts!
Favorite Bookstagram Posts
Favorite Booktok Videos

Once again, I didn’t really watch a lot of Booktube in December! I’ve been watching while writing this post though, so I’m sure January’s favorites will have some listed!

Thank you so much with sticking with me throughout 2022, and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings all of us! Hopefully something good!


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